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Between the lines!
Hi, my name is Paul and I have over 30 years’ experience in Greyhound Racing, which enables me to make a very profitable regular income betting on the dogs. I have consistently been the top performing Greyhound Tipster on the OLBG Tipping site for the last 18 Months and now after all that time I’ve decided it’s time to stop giving my valuable information away for free.

Formerly, I was a partner in an office consumables business which did well initially but started to show a downward trend leaving us no option but to close. Subsequently I relocated and have an apartment living on my own now and find myself content a few years on from that unfortunate upheaval.

I managed to retain multiple business contacts still able to buy and sell office merchandise working by telephone and online from home essentially part-time. All of which suits me fine and does allow me a significant amount of time to focus on greyhound racing.

I am 52 years old and have around 30+ years of understanding greyhounds and often use betting on such animals as a secondary revenue stream { far fewer variables than horse racing } I mainly look for potential improvers or late-starting types open to progress in low grade races where often those in opposition are exposed or outgraded.

Over the last 12 years I have spent my time travelling around the country watching my greyhounds and have even ventured to Scotland and Ireland to watch the action. 

I have all the necessary online search tools at my disposal outlining a greyhound`s full form history and watch plenty of races on William Hill BettingTV and RPGTV. I make notes of all dogs that were unlucky in races and who match the qualifying criteria listed above with a view to siding with them next time out if suitably drawn.

Join me today and rewrite the way you bet on the dogs!
Through years of involvement in all aspects of the sport, I have gained magnitudes of experience, true insider contacts up and down the country and have developed a stonewall system that picks out the trap with the winning K9!

I have easily been the top tipster on OLBG Tipping site for the last 18 months and during that time I firmly believe my skills have continued to improve. I have adapted my methods and invested in the way I pick out my winners! 

I contacted the team at WAP Bets and they showed me their vision for 2020 onwards and how they saw my tips being part of that. It’s certainly a very exciting proposition.

I have been officially proofing with WAP Bets for some months now and they have been more than impressed with what I provide. If you are serious about making some money from your betting then look at this, over £11,600 when betting at £10 a point!
In just over nine months of proofing I have smashed over 1,100 points of profit - It was time to unleash Trap Naps to WAP members!
You can find the full proofing of Trap Naps: HERE!
Many people are very skeptical about betting on the dogs due to the bookies being so well informed and can easily set the odds to determine a race and how punters bet. 

My tips are different, with Trap Naps we beat the bookies and we do it all the time!

While many stadia have closed down, greyhound racing has been become a huge Sport over the last 10 years and all the big open race action has been Televised on sky sports up until last year. 

Racing post greyhound TV now leads the way and lets us watch greyhound racing for free. Most of the information runs on this channel and gives us a great view of the action! 

You only have to take a trip to any tipster platform or independent service to find that a membership that provides winners as consistently as Trap Naps, to find prices through the roof! 

What I aim to provide is value for money, two low cost subscription options to bring serious money making potential:

£36 per month and £72 per quarter, the latter being the better value!

Right now, you can get involved at a slashed price to test drive my tips! 

Thats just £18 for your first month, or £36 for your first quarter! Simply click the button of your choice below! 

£18 for 30 days then £36 every 30 days
£36 for 3 month then £72 every 3 months
Thanks for showing your interest in Trap Naps, make sure you open yours about my service!!!!

 I look foward to seeing you on the other side and making some serious K9 cash!

Thanks for reading, 

Paul - Trap Naps
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